ILP Global

The increasing integration of the whole international economy, the Single European Market and the progressive globalisation are an essential part of contemporary business life and therefore directly impact even small and medium-sized companies. Increasingly, issues which initially seem only to concern German law have to be assessed in the light of international law. In order to be able to live up to his massive challenge for the sake of our clients, we regularly come back to our tight international networks and as a matter of fact first of all to our partners from the ILP Global Alliance. 

ILP Global ( is an association that, up to date, is comprised of 6 legally independent Law Firms, which however share and develop a similar philosophy, project and working methodology.

In fact, our Firms in Spain, Germany, Mexico, Chile, Peru and Ecuador have a shared vision of the importance of being able to render high quality services, reliable and expedite in the diverse jurisdictions in which they develop their business, maintaining the partners a close relationship with their clients, being able to directly perceive their needs.

The Association seeks to satisfy client´s requirements in diverse jurisdictions under a uniform proceeding, criteria, business vision, quality standards and relation with clients, without losing neither the identity of each Law Firm, the idiosyncrasy of each country nor the particular of each jurisdiction.  


Together with our following partners we hence are able to provide our clients at any time with high end legal advice beyond our borders, in particular in Spain, Mexico, Chile, Peru and Ecuador,  following an holistic and truly international approach, relying on a decade of trustful cooperation based on true partnership:


Adress: ilp Abogados
Paseo de la Castellana 144
3º - 28046 - Madrid
Tel.: (+34) 914 58 24 92
Fax: (+34) 91 457 53 32
Contact: José Luis Cobo


Adress: ilp Estudio Jurídico Otero
Avda. Apoquindo 3669
piso 13, Las Condes, Santiago
Tel.: (+56) 2361 8900
Fax: (+56) 2361 8999
Contact: Gerardo Otero Alvarado


Adress: ilp Gallegos Valarenzo & Neira
Avenida Amazonas No 4080 y
NNUU Edificio Puerta del Sol
Ofic. 406 Quito
Tel.: (+59) 32 226 1767
Fax: (+59) 32 226 1257
Contact: Juan Carlos Gallegos Happle


Adress: ilp Laos, Aguilar Limas
Pasaje Sucre 177 Miraflores - Lima 18
Tel.: (+51) 1445-8728
Fax: (+51) 1444-5335

Contact: Jaime Aguilar Montero


Adress: ilp Bitar
Blvd. Manuel Ávila Camacho
No. 184, C.P. 11650 México D.F.
Tel.: (+52) 5540-1644
Fax: (+52) 5540-7511
Contact: Raúl Bitar